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Spotless shine. Glossy paint. Shiny wheels. 


There's nothing like the satisfaction of bringing a dirty car back to life.

We take pride in making your vehicle shine like it's one of our own.


Bugs, dirt, tar, tree sap, paint, we've seen it all. The first stage of a wash is removing as many of these contaminants as possible to ensure that the second stage, waxing, is most effective.


After we finish with any exterior service, the final step is to protect the paint. 

This is accomplished with a wax application. This causes rain to bead up and repel from the paint, and discourages dust and bugs from accumulating. 


If your car has swirls and scratches in the paint, a polish is just what the doctor ordered.


Get that paint back to pristine condition!

Look at how this heavily oxidized roof came back to life. If you want something like this for your vehicle, be sure to contact us!



Some surface contaminants may need more than a wash and wax to be removed. Examples include tree wax, scratches, or road paint to name a few. 

If you need attention to the exterior beyond a hand wash and wax, be sure to mention this so we can address your needs and expectations most effectively.

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