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We Aren't Washing the Bike, We're Detailing it.


We not only detail bikes, we ride them as well!


We know how important it is to do that extra 20% of detailing work to get that eye-popping "Wow!" difference.


We start by rinsing and then soaping up the bike. Using soft, non-scratch microfiber wash mitts, we work from top to bottom to get the dirt and grime off. We then dry the bike using a combination of forced air and microfiber towels.


Once we finish with the general exterior wash, we clean the wheels, and follow up by hand polishing any chrome on the bike to get that next level detailing difference.


Some surface contaminants may need more than a wash and wax to be removed. Examples may include tree wax, scratches, or road paint to name a few. 

If you need attention to your bike beyond a hand wash and wax, be sure to mention this so we can address your needs and expectations most effectively.

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